Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We are proud to offer you our financial and accounting services.

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Offered Services

Once we receive your payment which may be for a one time or a contractual service, we are going to deliver your ordered accounting services. These tasks will be provided by members of our team who are highly skilled and experienced.

You will be provided with a contract. This contract will be signed by you and our company’s representative. This contract will also stipulate all the details of your acquired service.


We strictly prohibit making payments to the member in charge of the service.  All payments must go through the necessary channels and should only be made to the accountancy department. We accept check, bank transfer, credit cards or standing order.

Once the contract expires, a final bill with all of the charges incurred will be sent to you. This will include any additional charges or fees which have not been settled. Any refund request will require approval of the person in charge.