Through several years of working with the healthcare sector, we have developed and honed specialist skills when it comes to this industry. From the outset, we have been providing quality services within this industry ranging from self-employed individuals to large organizations.

We proudly offer you our accounting services which encompass tax planning, auditing, and account preparation, VAT issues, bookkeeping, secretarial services, payroll management and insurance services. These services are offered to all healthcare professionals in all fields of specialisation – doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians and optometrists.


When it comes to the organisation of your finances as well as tax planning, we understand that a healthcare professional, like you, will have some difficulties dealing with this due to the hectic schedule you work under. However, you still have to make sure that there is someone who can expertly handle your finances which include the daily management of records such as bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning and many more.

We understand how important your profession is as well as the level of care that you provide to your patients.  With this in mind, we know for a fact that your business is of paramount importance to you.

One of our main objectives is to provide you with premium quality and well fitted services in line with your medical specialisation such as handling your tax return concerns to planning a highly effective business exit strategy.

Our chartered accountants in London offer you a full range of accounting services which include:

  1. Tax recommendations
  2. Tax return concerns (preparation of self-assessment)
  3. Self-employment recommendations
  4. Allowable expenses and capital allowance recommendations
  5. National insurance recommendations
  6. Accounting software recommendations
  7. Bookkeeping services
  8. Preparation and Management of Accounts
  9. Handling factors affecting surgery (cash flow, practice income and etc.)
  10. Payroll management
  11. Management of Private Fee Statements
  12. Planning of Business Exit and Succession Strategy
  13. Inheritance Tax Planning

What Will You Gain From Our Services

Our accountancy services are offered to all types of medical professionals.

Above all we value you not only as our client but as our partner. We will be providing you with tax planning and personal tax services at a very reasonable price.  In addition to that, the services which you will receive are well suited to fit your professional and personal financial and tax needs.


The organization of your finances and tax concerns can be difficult. These difficulties could be attributed to the busy schedule which almost all dental professionals have to manage.

When it comes to your finances and tax concerns, it is a must to find a reliable professional who can manage and handle all of your issues. Our finance and tax services can help you with all the things you need when it comes to this aspect of the business.  Our services encompass your daily bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting management as well as intricate tax planning concerns.

One of our objectives is to provide you with top notch and personalised services which are exclusively developed for your unique personal and professional needs.  Such services include self-assessment tax return submission, business exit strategy planning and many more.

The services that we offer you are exclusively developed for your professional needs to ensure that all of your personal taxation concerns are properly managed in accordance to the needs of medical specialisation. These services are also based on your personal and professional goals.

These finance and accounting services include:

  1. Personal Tax Recommendations
  2. Principal and Partnership Tax Planning and Management
  3. Finance Management Which Is Well Suited For Your Medical Profession
  4. Dental Practice Incorporation Recommendations
  5. Dental Practice Buying Or Selling
  6. Self-Assessment Tax Return Preparation
  7. Self-Employment Recommendations
  8. Allowable Expenses Recommendations
  9. National Insurance Recommendations
  10. Long Term Business Exit Strategy Planning

Associate Dentists and Hygienists: Tax Planning and Tax Returns

We aim to build a long term relationship with all of our clients. That is why we always make it a point to offer personal tax services which are cost efficient and highly effective. These services are developed to meet the needs of self-employed associate dentists, dental nurses and hygienists.

We will be providing you with all the services which you need on all the facets of your personal tax and National Insurance responsibilities. These include allowable expenses for self-employed professionals (associate dentist, nurse or hygienist), sole trader registration with the HMRC, limited company registration with the HMRC, National Insurance concerns, capital allowances and fixed assets concerns and loans and hire purchase concerns.


When it comes to the organisation of finances and tax planning, pharmacy professionals may find this quite difficult especially if they are working to hectic schedules.  As such, it would be best to have all of these were taken care of by an expert accountant. Our company offers a wide range of finance and tax planning services. This includes regular bookkeeping, payroll and account management as well as complicated tax concerns.

One of our company’s objectives is to take care of your pharmaceutical business because we understand your dedication to the quality of care which you are providing to your patients.

It is one of our aspirations to provide you with services of premium quality which are tailored to your needs and we aim to assist you in all stages of your profession which include yourself assessment tax return concerns up to the point of planning the best business exit strategy during your retirement.

We value your personal and professional goals and that is one of the reasons why we develop our services to suit your personal taxation and business tax affairs needs.  We also manage and handle your routine financial management as well as the purchase and selling of your pharmacy.

In order to identify the level of financial control which you have in your business, we would recommend conducting company audits. Through this, we will also know if your company is complying with the important legislations.  Furthermore, we will be able to pinpoint any weaknesses by checking your existing systems. Once these have been identified, we will be providing you with suggestions to rectify these problems.

We will help you with your company’s budgeting process by properly managing your accounts. We will be generating a set of key performance indicators or KPIs which are well suited for the type of business that you have.  This will enable us to come up with far better decisions as well as get a clear and concise picture of company’s current standing, areas of opportunities and areas where you can cut costs for budgeting purposes.


Specializing in optometry requires time, effort and energy. That is why it is not surprising to find finance and tax planning concerns as a difficult and time consuming task. As such, it would be best to have these issues handled by only the experts.

We are happy to offer you our finance and accounting services. We can provide you with your daily bookkeeping needs as well as management of your payroll, accounts and complex tax planning concerns.

We understand your commitment in providing quality care to your patients and we acknowledge your dedication to your profession. This is one reason why we treat your business with respect, honesty and care.

We are dedicated to providing you with excellent quality services which have been ideally developed only for your company’s needs. We are here to guide you in all stages of your career which may range from the submission of tax returns up to the planning of your exit strategy from your business if in case you would already like to retire from your profession.

We make sure that your personal taxation is properly arranged in a sense that it will satisfy your unique needs. We also ensure that your business tax affairs are handled according to your personal and your business goals.  Aside from providing you with the daily financial management which you require, we also provide recommendations when it comes to the purchase or selling your practice.

We also highly recommend company audits since this will help us monitor your company’s financial control and also identify the company’s level of compliance when it comes to certain legislation. We will also be identifying weaknesses in your company’s financial and tax management as well as give you the correct advice on how to further improve it.

In addition to that, we will also aid you when it comes to your company’s budgeting processes as well as produce a set of KPIs or Key Performance Indicators which are suitable for your company’s needs. With the use of these KPIs, we will be able to determine your company’s status, future business opportunities as well as areas where you can cut back costs.


We understand that being in the veterinary profession is very demanding. We also understand why you will need the help of a professional when it comes to dealing with the organisation of your finances and tax concerns which may include the daily bookkeeping management, payroll and account handling as well as dealing with complicated tax concerns.

We completely understand that quality of the health care service which you are providing to your patients as well as the care and concern that you show their owners. That is why we value your business and we will maintain your reputation and credibility by taking care of your company.

We will supply you with all the services that you need which are of high quality and suitable for your personal and business needs. This includes handling your self-assessment tax return as well as organising and planning your business exit strategy when the time comes when you want to retire.

We offer personal tax services that are affordable and uniquely developed for both self-employed vet surgeons and locum vets.  We will handle all of your personal tax and National Insurance concerns. We will handle and manage your allowable expenses, concerns with self-employment, sole trader registration with the HMRC, capital allowance and fixed assets issues as well as hire purchases and loan issues.

Our team, which provides support to the veterinary sector, is highly skilled in terms of the preparation of accounts which are well-fitted for their purpose. They are also adept when it comes to your tax return completion and they will be proactively looking for methods for you to be able to save on your professional tax.

If in case you wish to become a partner in your medical specialisation, we will be providing you with all the advice which you need for you to know all possible complications. We will also provide you with recommendations for incorporation and following gains of profits from the company.

We will be reviewing your business structure as well as provide you with the necessary advice to help you with its improvement, cash flow and profitability. We will also aid you in forecasting your cash flow and budget preparation.

Complementary Health Care Professionals

We understand the nature of the profession carried out by complementary healthcare professionals. We know how busy your daily routine can be and that the organisation of your finances and tax planning can be difficult.

We are offering finance and accounting services to complementary health care professionals like daily management of your bookkeeping needs, payroll and account handling as well as complicated personal or business tax issues.

We understand how important your career is and how vital it is for you to provide the right care to your patients. These are just a few reasons why we know your career and your business are important to you.

Our company’s objective is to provide you with the suitable and the top notch services that you need at all phases of your medical career  which range from the submission of your self-assessment tax return to the careful planning of your business exit strategy if in case you would like to properly resign from your position.

The services that we offer you are as follows:

  1. Personal Tax Recommendations
  2. Self-assessment tax preparation and planning
  3. Self- employment recommendations
  4. Allowable expenses and capital allowance recommendations
  5. National Insurance recommendations
  6. Accounting Software recommendations
  7. Book keeping services
  8. Preparation and Management of your accounts
  9. Identification of factors affecting your business such as cash flow and income
  10. Payroll management
  11. Preparation and Handling of your private fee statements
  12. Practice accounts and future tax planning review and management
  13. Succession and long term business exit strategy planning and management
  14. Inheritance Tax Planning and Management

The services that we provide you are affordable. These services include tax planning and personal tax management which are specifically developed to match your needs. We serve various complementary health care professionals such as podiatrist, chiropodist, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and rheumatologist.

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